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Take Action to Get the Unpaid Wages That are Rightfully Yours in Ventura County and Surrounding Areas

Were you ripped off by the company on your paycheck? Are you missing wages or were never reimbursed for company supplies you bought? Herbert & Kreuzer Law Group actively fights for our hardworking clients in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and Los Angeles County who need to collect their unpaid wages. Unpaid wages may be related to unfairly withholding income that was earned, setting a wage that is below the legal minimum wage, and other situations.

Our lawyers take great pride in standing up to employers and making them pay what they owe you. During our almost 4 decades of combined experience, we have successfully handled hundreds of cases for our valued clients. If you believe that you have not received money that is rightfully owed to you by your employer, you may have a case worth fighting.

Through a free consultation, you can begin exploring your legal options with our assistance.

During unpaid wage disputes, we offer: 

  • Wage and hour class action lawsuits for groups of employees (and individuals) wrongly denied legal minimum wage, overtime, rest and lunch breaks, and reimbursement to you for job-related expenditures.
  • Representation of individual employees who have been misclassified or wrongly treated as independent contractors so their employer doesn’t have to pay them overtime and other benefits.

Seek Justice for Unpaid Overtime

Unpaid overtime is one of the more common ways that employees may not be fairly compensated for work completed. At Herbert & Kreuzer Law Group, we will use our extensive knowledge of employment law to pursue collection of the funds that are owed to you. Few lawyers know these cases as well as we do.

Unpaid overtime is often associated with employers who fail to follow an overtime policy, such as requiring you to work extra hours without pay. Even salaried individuals can be entitled to overtime compensation, so let us fight for you.

Statute of Limitations Warning

There are limited time periods, or deadlines, for filing claims.

If you don’t file in a timely manner with the appropriate internal office, outside agency, or civil court, you may lose the right to seek redress for the claim. Do not wait to consult with a lawyer.

We have been serving local clients for several decades, and we are the experienced legal team that you want representing you. We pride ourselves on our discretion, and we are eager to learn about your situation through a free consultation. Call our office today to set up a consultation for a time that is most convenient with your schedule.

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