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Explore Your Legal Options with Disability Discrimination Lawyers in Ventura County and Surrounding Areas

Have you recently been fired, demoted or harassed at work in Ventura County because of a disability? From Santa Barbara County to Los Angeles County, disability discrimination crops up in various ways. The law provides protection to workers in situations like your own, and the disability discrimination lawyers at Herbert & Kreuzer Law Group will stand up for your workplace rights.

Some workers lose their jobs after they take time off for necessary medical treatments.

Others may be in a workplace that is so uncomfortable due to harassment that they feel forced to quit. Regardless of whether you are dealing with these or other types of discrimination, you cannot afford to delay.

These types of workplace cases are impacted by a statute of limitations, so your case must be filed within a specified period of time. Through a legal consultation with our team, you can learn more about how the law applies to your situation and what you can do about your current circumstances.

Determining If You Have an Employment Discrimination Case

Employment discrimination takes different forms, and all types of discrimination in the workplace can be financially, professionally and emotionally stressful. Our lawyers at Herbert & Kreuzer Law Group have represented many clients who have dealt with discrimination related to religion, ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, and more.

Our legal team takes great pride in providing exceptional service to each client that we represent, from the initial consultation until the case is decided. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and we are eager to put our employment law experience to work for you. Schedule an initial consultation with our team today at no cost to you.

Statute of Limitations Warning

There are limited time periods, or deadlines, for filing claims.

If you don’t file in a timely manner with the appropriate internal office, outside agency, or civil court, you may lose the right to seek redress for the claim. Do not wait to consult with a lawyer.

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